This is my condensed online resumé with snapshots, commentary and highlights if you're looking to hire my services. 

LinkedIn shows my full CV and you can download a PDF version below.

FocalPoint / Education & Training

Manager of International Operations & Certified Business Coach

I wear three hats with FocalPoint / Brian Tracy Global. 60% of my time is spent managing the dynamic operations and marketing of the international franchise system, 20% is spent as a coach mentor to our group of coaches and the remaining 20% is spent with my own clients, either coaching or facilitating group workshops.

World Class / Health & Fitness

Personal Trainer

Motivating, education, coaching and seeing clients reach their goals! Personal Training is so much more than just knowing the best exercises to prescribe, and diet to encourage - we need to first get the mental side of things right or there's no way you can go through the trials and training required to make a lasting difference.

My motto: "Dedication, Consistency, Results."

Ben the Builder / Building & Construction

Owner, Kitchen and Bathroom designer and contractor

This started out as a side-project for wealth creation by buying, renovating and selling apartments. After becoming certified it became a full-time job, balancing it with our own renovation projects.

MenuPad / IT & Innovation

General Manager

MenuPad was one of the first companies to develop an interactive menu, designed specifically for the hospitality industry. We used the Apple iPad in replacement of a paper-based menu which allows diners to view images of menu items, see food and wine pairings, and customise their order in a simple, intuitive way.

MenuPad was purchased from the Australian founder Jock Gordon in 2013 by an international restauranteur.

Cartridge World / Franchising

Operations Manager, Scandinavia

Sold on a huge opportunity to be an integral part of launching a proven franchise concept into Scandinavia, I accepted the position with vigour. The goal: 180 locations in 3 years. The reality: we had to redesign every element in the business.

Unfortunately during my parental leave in late 2009, the company chose to withdraw from Scandinavia.

Next Byte / IT Supplies

Store Manager

As I tell the story; I could have run Melbourne CBD for years, enjoying the spoils of our hard labour over the 2 years I was there... So why would I possibly leave a job like this? The answer: to move to Sweden to be with the gal who became my wife!

NextByte was sold 2yrs later.

Musician / Arts & Education

Teacher, Lecturer, Band Leader, Composer

During the final year of my Jazz Degree, I was the youngest lecturer at TAFE in Adelaide.

With a few session recordings under my belt, one of my highlights was a spontaneous recording many years later with Pär Almqvist that charted very well on iTunes and could be heard frequently in hotel lobby's and elevators around Europe and Japan!

To this day, music has provided me joy, memories and opportunities all round the world.