What I'm doing now.

I'm living in Adelaide, Australia by the water with my wife and kids. The kids are now 11, 10 & 8.

I'm renovating our house - it's a big project!

I am in the pre-launch phase of my coaching practice; "Win The Day".

I'm consulting for Brian Tracy Global as a master coach & trainer.

I'm training for my Shodan Ho (probational black belt) at Zanshin Karate and as a probational instructor.

I'm studying minimalism, essentialism, stoicism and other similar -isms, which is a little ironic.

I'm working hard to make meditation part of my morning routine.

I'm getting back into shape for summer.

I'm working on my "major definite purpose"

I'm teaching the kids Texas Hold'em poker - the game of life. At times the beat me, and that makes me proud!