I'm a proud Dad, what can I say? Random images here, uploaded intermittently.

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This is a snapshot of some of my projects, past and present.

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This is what I'm focusing on now. (A page inspired by Derek Sivers)

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Thanks for visiting

You've probably made it here because I've send you an email, reached out to you, or you've stumbled upon me. Well done!

This site is a bit of an introduction to me and I will build it out as time allows. The picture to right is during a presentation. I had "motorcycle-helmet head" on this particular day and didn't expect such a quality action pic.

A quick breakdown about me: I was born in Adelaide, Australia. I was a generally oblivious happy kid who skipped year 2 and studied music at a reasonably high level.

I have 3 wonderful children and a fantastic wife. We used to live in Sweden, but now we're in Adelaide, Australia.

My careers have kind of moved along like this, many of them simultaneously: Young Entrepreneur, Music Tutor, Basketball/Tennis Referee, Kitchen Hand, Jazz Musician, Teacher/Lecturer, (Youth Hostel worker) Computer Technician, Store Manager, Personal Trainer, Teacher/Lecturer (again), Consultant, Operations Manager, European Operations Manager, Builder/tiler/kitchen Architect, Personal Trainer, Store Manager, Real-estate sales, International Operations Manager, Business Coach & Trainer, Entrepreneur.

Draw from this what you will... I've learned a lot and I'm happy from the experience.